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Neuroadaptation-How Your Brain Adapts to a Change in Your Vision

There's More to Vision Than Meets the Eye

New Lens, Same Brain: The Importance of NeuroAdaptation

What Stem Cells are Growing for Ophthalmology

Very Small May Soon Become Very Big

The SAD Implications of Light and Sight

Could a Surgical Robot Replace an Ophthalmologist?

Can Ophthalmologists Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease?

Vision and Driving Safety-Is it Time for a New Licensing Standard?

Complications of Astigmatic Correction

IOl Selection Can Affect Retinal Visualization

Dr. Kershner Featured in Newsweek Article on the Implantable Miniature Telescope (IMT)

Toric IOLs and Astigmatic Keratotomy-Avoiding Problems

Solx DeepLight 790 Titanium Laser and Gold Microshunt Granted CE Status

Response to IFIS Article-Tamsulosin HCL

IOLs are the Future

New Technology IOLs

Improved Functional Vision with an IOL

Ophthalmic ViscoSurgical Devices-Which One and When?


Optimizing the Refractive Results of MicroIncision Cataract Surgery

Tecnis IOL Improves Functional Vision

Healon 5-Seven Tips for Clear Corneal Cataract Surgery 

The Tecnis Multifocal IOL

Functional Visual Acuity and the Modified Prolate IntraOcular Lens 

OVDs and Modified Prolate IOLs for Better Outcomes in Cataract Surgery

Tecnis IOL Insertion Method

Astigmatic Keratotomy for Refractive IOLs

MicroInjection of the Tecnis IOL

Should Retinal Surgeons Influence the Selection of Intraocular Lens Implants?”

Shifting Paradigms-Adopting New Technology IOLs

The Tecnis IOL

Presbyopia Surgery-Where Do We Go From Here?

Evidence-Based Medical Reporting: Has it's Time Come? 

Ophthalmic ViscoSurgical Devices and the Small Pupil-Report of a Case

Keratolenticuloplasty-The Surgical Correction of Astigmatism Part 1

Keratolenticuloplasty-The Surgical Correction of Astigmatism Part 2

Management of the Small Pupil in Cataract Surgery

Disorders of the Sclera

Small Pupil Devices for Cataract Surgery

Clear Corneal Cataract Surgery and the Correction of Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism

Retina Image Contrast and Functional Visual Performance of Anterior Modified Prolate (Tecnis Z-9000), Silicone, and Acrylic IOLs

Evaluation of the BD K-4000 Microkeratome

Can an Aspheric IOL Improve Visual Function?

The Case for Single-Incision, Single-Instrument Phacoemulsification 

The Surgical Correction of Presbyopia-State of the Art

Phakic IntraOcular Lenses

Management of the Small Pupil in Clear Corneal Cataract Surgery

Intercapsular Phaco-Flip

HydroLASIK with a New Forceps

Five Steps to the Clear Cornea MicroIncision

Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis-Is there a Snake in the Garden of Eden?

The Collamer IntraOcular Lens Implant

Clear Lens Extraction to Correct Refractive Error

6 Tips to Clear Cornea Cataract Surgery

The Clear Cornea Refractive Incision

Are EyeDrops Really Necessary Following Clear Cornea Cataract Surgery?

The Clear Cornea Incision and the Limbal Relaxing Incision Marker

LASEK or LASIK-Which is it?

Clear Corneal Refractive Cataract Surgery

MicroIncisional Cataract Surgery

The Surgical Correction of Presbyopia

Design of IOL injectors is still evolving, according to surgeon


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